Threaded Flange

In a threaded flange, as the name implies, the connection is threaded. This flange is similar to SLIP ON, except that thread is used instead of welding. This factor is one of the most important advantages of this flange, which allows the flange to be opened and closed many times.



Threaded Flanges

A threaded Flange is also known as a screwed flange, and it is having a thread inside the flange bore which fits on the pipe with a matching male thread on the pipe. This type of joint connection is speedy and simple but not suitable for high pressure and temperature applications.

Threaded Flanges are mostly used in utility services such as air and water.

  • Threaded Flange mostly used in utility services such as air and water
  • It is not suitable for high presser and temperature applications
  • It also available in limited Size of NPS 4” and below
  • Threaded Flanges can be FF or RF
  • It is a Low-cost flange.


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